September 13, 2023
Listen Now: Jeff Toporek Shares Investment Insights on The Real Estate Syndication Show

This week Jeff Toporek, Co-Founder and Principal of Investment at FD Stonewater, was featured on two episodes of The Real Estate Syndication Show, hosted by Whitney Sewell.

Watch the Podcast 

Episode 1 | Completing $8 Billion Acquisitions  In the first of two episodes, Jeff and Whitney discuss  Jeff’s background, FD Stonewater’s evolution over the past 20 years, and how the firm has accomplished $8 billion+ in acquisitions and advisory services.


Episode 2 | Behind the Scenes of Real Estate Operations In the second installment of the podcast, Jeff and Whitney discuss our approach to proptech, how to leverage tech for real estate investing, and how our tech ecosystem supports the firm’s new STAR Evergreen Fund.


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