U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Las Vegas, NV
35,000 SF
With the lease expiration approaching, ownership engaged FD Stonewater to secure the 20-year lease renewal. At the time, FD Stonewater was simultaneously negotiating a long-term renewal for the DEA at their 511,000 SF headquarters location in Arlington, VA, and working on behalf of ownership to secure the expansion and 70,000 SF renewal of DEA in Phoenix, AZ. FD Stonewater learned there were major security concerns jeopardizing a long-term renewal. The FD Stonewater leasing team immediately engaged our in-house federal development platform to commission a comprehensive study of the building / site and outline mitigation measures to remedy any security shortfalls. This included conversations with the local jurisdiction and continual input from the agency. Through our collective efforts, the FDS / owenrship team, along with GSA and the tenant agency, found a way to correct or mitigate all security shortfalls and secured a long-term, non-competitive renewal.

Category: Development/Construction Management, Brokerage